Locally Inspired Food

Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is elemental, highlighting one or two ingredients at a time. Dishes are meant to be shared family-style, inviting guests to connect during their dining experience and to enjoy the bounty of our home.


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family dinner

sit back, relax, and let our team cook for your table | $90 per person

wine accompaniment | $55 per person

entire table participation requested



charter oak bread. house cultured butter | small $5, large $10

raw vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip | $20

dried and smoked albacore. double 8 dairy stracciatella | $16

crispy wings. herbs and spices from our farm and larder. whipped yogurt | $18

farm egg. hudson ranch olive oil. salt | $4/egg


salads, vegetables + grains  

bitter greens salad. toasted yeast dressing. grilled chestnut | $24

salad of little gems. finger lickin' miso caesar | $26

salad of broccolis from our farm. puffed wild rice. ricotta | $20

durum wheat spaghetti. spicebush coppa ragout. mustard leaves | $22



hanger steak. garlic lavender marinade | $32

celery leaf chicken. preserved lemon. herbs. drippings $28

mt. lassen trout. smoked collar rillette. grilled seaweed | $35

duroc pork belly. hearth roasted sofrito | $30

the cheeseburger and fries | $20

red kuri squash. caramelized koji. skyhill farm goat cheese | $24



hand cut french fries | $8

steamed california grown komachi rice. cultured butter | $12

oyster mushrooms. shallot and garlic confit | $20

grilled daikon radishes. overcultured butter | $16



classic chocolate cake. roasted cocoa nibs | $10

plum blossom ice cream. roasted almond oil. raw plum jam | $10

valencia orange tart. creme fraiche | $10



(available for guests age 8 and under)

kids burger and fries | $12

kids chicken tenders and fries | $12


our larder

charter oak bread loaf | $12

charter oak hot sauce | $15

fermented soy dip | small $12, large $24

house cultured butter | $6

charter oak canvas tote | $25