Locally Inspired Food

Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is elemental, featuring few if no garnishes, and highlights one or two ingredients at a time. Dishes are meant to be shared family-style, inviting guests to connect during their dining experience and to enjoy the bounty of our home.


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$8 each

cinnamon bun. cream cheese icing 

ricotta doughnut. strawberry jam



house made yogurt. local honey. toasted seeds | $12

grapefruits grilled over the fire. rosemary sugar | $12

grilled toast: tahini/ honey or goat cheese/ strawberry jam | $12

raw vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip | $20

roasted Brokaw Farms avocado. papalo. radish. small greens | $14

this month's wings: honey hot sauce from Boundary Stone in Washington, D.C. | $18



baked cherry pancake. brown sugar | $18

summer squash and cheese baked omelette | $22

smoked black cod. cream cheese. grilled bread | $18

soft scrambled egg. avocado. furikake. Danish rye bread | $20

pork posole. fresh sonora wheat tortillas | $22

buttered english muffins. creme fraiche. celery. spring onion. trout roe  | $30

heirloom iceberg. garlic aioli. chunky herb vinaigrette. egg. fried sourdough breadcrumbs | $22

the cheeseburger. pickled jalapeno relish. fries | $20


from the hearth

choose 1 main + 1 side | $25


smoked beef shortrib. stonefruit saba

buttermilk brined chicken. preserved lemon. herbs. drippings

sacramento sturgeon. pea and fava leaves


steamed californian grown Komachi rice. cultured butter

salad of greens from our farm. "good seasons" vinaigrette

Rancho Gordo lima beans in their own broth



fruit: Ha'ogen Melon | $10

maple syrup breakfast sausage | $11

piloncillo bacon | $9

potato rosti (hashbrowns) | $8