Locally Inspired Food

Our menu reflects the products of the Napa Valley in a manner elegant and unforced. The Charter Oak cooking style is elemental, featuring few if no garnishes, and highlights one or two ingredients at a time. Dishes are meant to be shared family-style, inviting guests to connect during their dining experience and to enjoy the bounty of our home.


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HAPPY HOUR is Monday through Friday 5:00-6:00pm


Family Dinner | Sit back, relax and let us cook for you. Entire table participation requested. $85 per person


charter oak bread. house cultured butter
small $5 | large $10


raw vegetables from our farm. fermented soy dip | $18

farm eggs. hudson olive oil. salt | $4/ egg

crudo of yellowtail. mandarin. fennel. white kimchee vinaigrette | $24

crispy potato "tostones." Mendocino sea lettuce. browned butter | $12

tartine of dried tomatoes. ricotta. fermented honey. almond. basil and mint | $18

buffalo milk mozzarella. crispy brussels | $20

cheese: andante variation. honeycomb. grilled bread | $20

this month's wings: tangy Korean wings from Button Mash in Los Angeles, CA | $18 


salads, vegetables + grains  

heirloom iceberg. garlic aioli. chunky herb vinaigrette. egg. fried sourdough breadcrumbs | $22

little gem lettuces. smoked and dried albacore. herb cream | $26

salad of broccolis. puffed grains. ricotta | $24

durum wheat spaghetti. buffalo milk butter. sheep milk cheese. black pepper | $25

polenta. vegetable bolognese. fresh cheese | $23


from the hearth 

grilled buttermilk brined chicken. preserved lemon. herbs. drippings | $25

hearth roasted ham. fresh horseradish | $28

grilled trout. pea and fava leaves | $32

smoked and grilled beef shortrib | $28

coal roasted sweet potato. yogurt. brown butter. herbs | $20

aged, grilled ribeye. old fashioned steak sauce | $55/ $110

the cheeseburger and fries | $20 



hand cut french fries | $8

salad of greens from the farm. "good seasons" vinaigrette | $12 

steamed californian grown komachi rice. cultured butter | $12

rancho gordo lima beans in their own broth | $12

hearth roasted maitake mushrooms | $12

cauliflower grilled over the fire. mushroom and red wine “au jus” | $12