Borrowed Barkeep

Introducing our Borrowed Barkeep Series! 

Each month, a renowned bartender will join us at The Charter Oak to sling classic cocktails and share some of their favorite beverages. 

No reservations are required, but seats will be limited so arrive early to guarantee a good view! Pricing is variable per drink.

From 6:00pm until 10:00pm.


January 14, 2020 - Anthony Laborin of Farmhouse at Rogers Gardens

Originally from Spokane, Washington, Anthony Laborin first moved to California to earn his degree at Chapman University. Throughout his collegiate career, he tended bar at the Ritz Restaurant in Newport Beach and Arc in Costa Mesa. In 2016, Anthony joined the team at Farmhouse in Corona del Mar as part of the opening team. Now, as the Chef de Swigs, Anthony finds inspiration for new cocktails in his visits to the local Santa Monica Farmer's Market - sourcing fresh, seasonal ingredients with Farmhouse Owner/Executive Chef Rich Mead.


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