Our hearts continue to be with all of those that have been impacted either directly or indirectly by the devastating Glass Fire. We are reminded daily of the tenacity of this Valley, as we begin to recover from yet another fire. We are so grateful to those that continue to protect our beautiful homes--the first responders and wildfire fighters that work through the night in the worst of circumstances. It is our hope that we offered a small token of our appreciation to those individuals with our dinner.
Thank you to our community for joining Christopher and Martina Kostow, Kerrin Laz, Dan Petroski, Josh Phelps for a safe socially distanced BBQ at The Charter Oak on October 21, 2020. If you were unable to attend the dinner, please take a moment to make a donation online to The Invictus Fund NV, and continue supporting those that were affected by the Glass Fire. 

About The Invictus Fund NV: The Napa Valley Reserve and Meadowood reactivated this fund, which began in an effort to directly assist those impacted most severely by the 2017 wildfires. The primary goal is to support those individuals and families with urgent needs in our workplace and community. The Invictus Fund NV is a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity (EIN: 82-3199730).